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Make sure you have the "Right Kind of Faith"
Don't be Deceived!!! Study these and make sure.

Faith vs. Works, The Faith That Saves (minimum Requirements for Heaven)
False Salvation, Are You Deceived? (How do you know you are saved?
What Does it Mean to be "Born Again"? (Explaining the concept)
Are You Sure You Are "BORN of GOD"? (Be Holy, Stop Sinning)
Are We Expected to Live Holy and Perfect?
Can We Still Sin and Go To Heaven?
(These 2 are together)
Can we sin a little and still get into Heaven? (Explains how to deal with sin)

Video Series. Great Teachings. (GOOD)

You Must Be "Born Again" - A New Creation in Christ

What Does it Mean to be "Born Again"?
Are You sure You Are Truly "Born of God"?
What Works Can I DO to be Born Again? The Minimum Requirements for Heaven
False Salvation-Deceived Christians - This Will Shock You
Is it Possible to Stop Sinning as Jesus Commanded?

How Can I Truly Be Saved?

False Salvation-Deceived Christians - This Will Shock You

True Repentance and Obedience to the Faith Leads to Salvation:
What does it mean to live in habitual sin? - Tim Conway
Should I be scared of Hebrews Chapters 6 and 10?- Tim Conway (GOOD)
How do you know you are saved? Short Version..
How do you know you are saved? Long Version:

Are you a Christian?

How Do You Know You are Saved?-
Tim Conway (MUST WATCH) long version

How do you know you are saved? Long version

The problem is you won't repent, not that you can't repent. (Short)

How do I repent? - Tim Conway

True Repentance - Tim Conway

What is Biblical Repentance? - Ask Pastor Tim Conway

Nate Pfeil:
Warnings: (these 2 are the same)
End Time Warning To Christians (VERY VERY GOOD) SAME
The way to Heaven is narrow, Turn to YAHUSHUA/Jesus 100% Now (Same as END TIME WARNING TO CHRISTIANS) SAME

Nate Pfeil: (these 2 are the same)
True Repentance - A Word (GOOD) Same
Are you right with God? - by Nate Pfeil (SAME as -TRUE REPENTANCE (SAME)